"Freedom of Speech" is out of hand!

pic10So our “Freedom of Speech” has really been annoying me lately! I turn on a movie or TV show or even try to listen to the radio and it is filled with sex, homosexuals, interracial couples, violence, drugs and alcohol. It is virtually everywhere, even cartoons having sexual comments. This has gotten way out of hand! I have three small children who don’t need to see and hear all these things at their ages. What happened to censorship to help keep our kids innocent? Also, I have no desire to see and hear half the stuff being shoved down our collective throats. Of course then I would be told to change the channel, watch something different, but I can’t because it is everywhere.

Now my statement in no way means I’m homophobic, or against other peoples choices to do as they please or racist, which would be the first reactions people would say to me. It is rather about my rights to try and raise my children with our family values and principles without those being viewed as negative. There are things I believe in and things I don’t and my children can choose as they please when they are adults.

So here is my “Freedom of Speech”!

I don’t agree with gay marriage. This is my CHOICE, not a phobia as phobia = fear.

I don’t agree with having sexual comments in cartoons for kids to hear.

I don’t agree with kids hearing songs about sex and drugs and alcohol.

I don’t agree with stores selling clothes to young girls with sayings on the rear.

I don’t agree that we allow so many pro athletes to be thugs and try to push out others with high moral integrity.

I don’t agree that I should pay more taxes while other people sit on their a%^es!

I don’t agree with divorce, which made it very difficult for me to have one. So I hung in much longer than I should have.

I don’t agree with the title “African-American” as I don’t go by “Euro-American”. It creates segregation and racism.

I don’t agree with having a BET channel or all hispanic channel because again this is segregation and racist against “whites”. And if we are going to have an all hispanic channel, how come Target and Macy’s are showing ads in spanish on the other networks? Simple solution = learn English if you live in the U.S.A.! The Greeks, Italians, French, Polish and many other had no problem doing it!

I don’t agree with having an all black college for that matter, because again this is segregation and racist against “whites”.

I don’t agree with “affirmative action” as it gives jobs to people based on race and not qualifications. Everyone needs to earn it!

I am tired of whites being called racist when they don’t agree with something. Like giving citizenship to all the ILLEGAL HISPANICS.

I am tired of people being called homophobic because they don’t agree with that lifestyle.

I don’t agree with the fact my daughters school had a say no to drugs week. Why? because then she had to come home and ask “what are drugs?”.

I DO appreciate the lack of censorship for one reason though as it has made me focus even more on my faith and values!

So people can make their comments about my “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”, but first they should think about my rights to have different beliefs then they do. If anyone is offended by this, that is because they don’t respect my CHOICE for my way of life.

We are not all created equal, we are not all drones. People can disagree with me and that is their choice and I respect that. Heck sometimes my beautiful wife does not always agree with some of my direct comments, but that does not change our love for each other as we know we are individuals.



“Freedom of Speech” is out of hand!

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