Thanks Elected Officials for Not Representing!

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Let me add a disclaimer since this is sure to offend someone if not everyone in some way.  I don’t care if your offended because I am writing this since I have been offended and no one seemed to care about that! Point being not everyone can be happy with everything all the time!

What to start with is the problem as there are so many disturbing issues and they are all important. So in no particular order (again another disclaimer as people like orders for deciding what is more important) I will begin with taxes.

First of all, one of the reasons the U.S. was founded was the people were being over taxed by the King. Funny how we have become one of the highest taxed countries now. Our corporate taxes are so messed up that companies move to other countries to escape the tyranny of our government. We need to tax the companies that ship into our country higher and assess penalties if they go to other countries. As far as income tax, the only fair tax is a flat tax! Not everyone will agree with this, but most of those who would disagree are not even paying taxes. The reason I feel this way is why should I pay more in taxes to receive no more benefit? Let me give some examples for those of you that cannot comprehend.

1. Military protection: everyone gets it, but not everyone pays.

2. Police protection: everyone gets it, but not everyone pays.

3. Public schools: everyone can send their kids, but not everyone pays.

4. Free health care: those who pay don’t get.

5. Welfare: those who pay don’t get.

So why do I pay more in taxes for less benefit? I try to earn more so my family and I can do more, not to have it taken away and handed to others against my will. Those who would disagree with me don’t seem to understand that I am not working more for their benefit, but for mine. What is really messed up is the 16th Amendment was never even ratified, making it illegal today!

Now for a more easy to understand example: 2 people walk into Starbucks, both order the same thing, let’s say a $4 Frappuccino, the person who make 100K pays $8 and the person who makes 20K pays nothing and gets a brownie on the side. Sound fair? This is our tax code in a nutshell.

Every year I have to itemize and sift through recipes to try and get a tax refund of just part of what I pay in, while others do a simple short form and get a tax bonus when they paid very little or nothing in. Does this make sense? How can you get more back then you pay in? That is not a refund that is a bonus!

Why should I pay more, for trying to earn more? I have had my ups and downs in the job market and was even on unemployment for three months some time ago, but I took whatever work I could get and moved forward. I find it very offensive that the government will take more from me every time I get a raise and hand i

t to someone who does not even try. There are tons of jobs available, but people don’t want them because of one reason or another. People would rather take handouts then possibly take a step back for a time, which I have done. Obviously this has lead right into unemployment and welfare.

Both unemployment and welfare were meant to help and supplement in times of need, not to be lived off of year after year. People adapt and adjust to the income provided instead of trying to move forward. Then we provide food stamps as well, but of course people complain that the food stamps are only supposed to be used on certain products not alcohol and cigarettes. Yet our government extends the benefits in exchange for votes. Makes sense, how can you vote against the person giving you handouts?

Freedom of speech: People have been using this as an excuse for a long time now, but apparently not everyone is allowed to use it.  Let me provide an example for what I mean. Not very long ago Facebook was flooded by gay rights supporters about gay marriage, which is their right but when I actually made the comment to someone that I do not agree with it based on my beliefs I was personally, verbally attacked. So apparently free speech did not apply to me in this matter. They were offended that I did not a

gree with them, but they did not care that their posts offended me. Freedom of speech is for all, not just for who agrees with you. Now in some other ways I believe we have let this get out of hand. Such as what is allowed on the TV early in the day and on the radio and ads put in front of our children. Our society complains about kids having sex, doing drugs, and drinking alcohol yet we allow advertising it right in front of them. Musicians put it in music and make teenagers the target audience. Clothing lines put logos and saying on the rears of shorts and pants for girls to wear. But if we try to stop them, they cling to “Freedom of Speech” and tell people who don’t like it to look the other way or change the station. Problem is we can’t look the other way or change the station as this virus has spread everywhere! So what does society do? Nothing, maybe complain in the privacy of their homes so not to offend someone else by their comments against it, then act shocked when another teenage gets pregnant or over doses on drugs. So some censorship is actually a good thing. We actually had some when I was a kid.

2nd Amendment: I can’t even believe this has become a debate recently! Let me start by saying we need it and it needs to be left alone! I for one want to make sure I have the ability to defend my family and myself from tyranny in our government and common criminals. Hopefully I would never need to use a weapon, but I li

ke the idea that the “bad guys” will think twice based on the fact that I may or may not have a gun waiting to shoot them. Adding more gun laws will not stop bad things from happening, as criminals DON’T follow the law anyway. Then having the law biding citizens register so we can post a list for criminals to know what houses not to invade will help how? Of course our government arming other countries and cartels does not help our fight either. Seriously why do we allow other countries to train their military along side ours on U.S. soil? I can’t be the only person who sees a problem with this.

Speaking of foreigners on U.S. soil, we have already been invaded by Mexico and Cuba. We should view all illegals as invaders and treat them as such. The real problem we have is our politicians are afraid to loose the Hispanic vote! Since this has become such a large portion of the population in our country, many of us are not represented in our government anymore.  We provide asylum to Cubans who can make it to U.S. soil, hello we don’t have jobs for them, no worries we will give then benefits anyway. Here’s an idea, get ride of the stupid embargo with Cuba and send them home! They hated their country so much to come here, yet all you see in South Florida are Cuban flags?! Don’t get me wrong I am not against all immigrants, just the illegal ones! I personally get offended when they are so desperate to get here then talk about how wonderful their home country is and waving the flags of other nations. If it is so great then why are you here? We have kids born and raised here that can’t get into college even though they meet all the criteria because we have thousands of foreigners here on student visa’s, some of which use the knowledge gained to make bombs and attack us. Wow this really makes sense! We have high unemployment because businesses higher illegals cheap, why because our business taxes are some of the highest in the world. Funny how that circles back around to taxes. So the whole time we send our troops to stop other countries, which don’t like us from being invaded, ours gets invaded.

One of the problems I see is people mistake freedom for “freedom”. Let me explain. A person can never be totally free to do anything they please because they would infringe on someone else’s rights. Even God gave us rules/laws to abide by. Recently with the bombing in Boston some people complained how the Boston PD went door to door to catch the terrorist as it infringed on the peoples rights to not allow them in their homes. But don’t the people who got hurt, got killed and their families deserve the right for justice to be served on the terrorist? I say yes! So sometimes people need to suck it up and open their doors for the police willingly to help support the rights of others. Seeing how the “freedom” to run and watch the race was taken from others. But what did people do? They complained that the Boston PD was putting them under martial law and infringing on their rights and not giving a dam about the people hurt. I would even bet the people that complained are supporting the fact that our government is showering the terrorist with the rights of a law biding citizen instead of treating him as a terrorist. I’m sure the three girls who were just saved by chance from being kidnapped for ten years would have loved for the police to go door to door looking for them when they disappeared. So why is it in our country we care so much and give so much “freedom” to the criminals and not the law biding citizens they attack?  I say if something like this happens in your city/town, lock your doors to protect your family and when the police come door to door let them in to look, to HELP the citizens who were harmed and the police trying to bring justice. Because if you are a law biding citizen you have nothing to hide anyway.

Wake Up United States!

Thanks Elected Officials for Not Representing!

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