TSA is just a tax on the middle and upper income classes!

The TSA is just a tax on the middle and upper income classes that no one is paying attention to. So I travel often and observe how truly pointless they are as an organization. Now as we know they were created after 9/11 to help “protect” us, yet all them seem to do is stop Mom’s with baby bottles and slow everyone down.

If our government was truly protecting us, we would not need TSA on domestic flights as we would not be allowing people into our country to harm us in the first place. Over the past couple weeks I have read how Homeland Security which includes TSA have lost hundreds of uniforms, patches, guns and cell phones. Now that news should make everyone feel safe, since most of the items lost were from TSA, ICE and boarder patrol. See that’s the point! The bad guys are always smarter than the government, because they have conviction whether good or bad and pay better.

So why do we still have the incompetent TSA in our airports when we are the land of the free? Simple, it provided a quick way to produce jobs in a failing economy and still maintains those jobs. But no one thinks who is paying for it? The middle class families on vacation, the business travelers to name a few. We pay through higher ticket prices and then get slowed down going through security. But that’s not the only place we are getting hit with cost. Its having to buy travel size everything and plastic bags to pass through security. Paying extreme prices for a water at the airports since you cant bring your own drinks.

So this morning it was very clear how pathetic they really are. I was going through security carrying three laptops, iPad, iPhone and all sorts of wires in my backpack. Now someone might this this a bit suspect, but no. They instead are searching the backpack of a 1 year old because he has some powdered formula to drink on the plane. The poor Mom standing there holding her baby and the Dad caring all the gear, now have to repack this backpack that was completely emptied out. Yes, it really looked suspect with the stuffed animal, toys, change of clothes.

What we are paying for is just to keep people employed and a total inconvenience. I can only hope with the elections coming for a new president , that we get one with common sense. If we are stopping the issue at our boarders and abroad, then we don’t need TSA disrupting our domestic lives and costing us more in the process. Even if we had the TSA in place before 9/11 they would not have stopped the hijackers. As we all know they only had box cutters and caused fear. Neither of which the minimum wage TSA employees could have caught.